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    The quality of La Portegna’s craftsmanship and hardware is second to none. We therefore guarantee all the hardest wearing parts - seams, rivets and zippers - for 1 year..

    If any of these parts fail within the warranty period, return your item to us and we'll gladly make a repair or replacement free of charge.


    Like fine wine, the patina of your high quality leather will change and get richer year by year, giving each product a personality of it’s own over time. This is a benefit of owning a high quality leather product and is therefore not a basis for claiming on the guarantee.

    Also, our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on the canvas, leather, or straps. We use the world’s best quality materials, so they will withstand all but the most rigorous daily use, though even the very best cotton and leather does not last forever.

    For the manufacture of our products we use a vegetable tanning leather so that exposure to liquids could cause irreparable damage to the skin.

    Outside of the standard two year guarantee we willingly make expert repairs to La Portegna products at a preferred rate.

    Also, depending on their use, there are certain products that our 1 year guarantee does not apply to - shoes for example. Please refer to the description of individual products for details.

    To get in touch about a warranted issue with a La Portegna product please email onlinecustomerservice@laportegna.com, we’ll endeavour to reply within 24 hours.